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Who needs Identity Theft Report?

Identity theft report is designed for everyone who has fallen victim to identity theft. It refers to situations where one person illegally obtains another person’s data and then uses it to gain money, services or other valuable things.  

What is Identity Theft Report for?

The main purpose of the Identity Theft Report is to gather enough evidence that allows to find the thief and punish that person. There are different cases of identity theft. However, the most widespread is identity theft that occurs in a digital environment. Identity Theft Report is called to analyze how the sensitive information was stolen, and to identify possible suspects.

Is Identity Theft Report accompanied by other forms?

For the police to get the fullest information about the theft and to start the investigation as soon as possible, a victim should attach a review of the incident in chronological order, photocopy of the driver licence, ID picture or passport picture.

When is Identity Theft Report due?

The Identity theft Report is due when it is needed. The sooner a victim reports about the incident the faster the police will start investigating it.

How do I fill out Identity Theft Report?

Identity Theft Report is a brief, one-page fillable form. It contains two sections. One is for the personal information about the victim another is for evidence about the suspect and the way theft was committed. It’s important to delegate the report to the police office with the corresponding jurisdiction. Lots of cases of identity theft are postponed because of the irrelevant police office jurisdiction. Once you’ve filed the report, keep a its copy. The original will be assigned to the investigator/

Where do I send Identity Theft Report?

The Identity Theft Report with all necessary proofs attached is sent to the local police office in charge of identity theft cases.

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Can I increase my score by claiming identity theft the purpose of this fraud alert is to inform you of a scam that involves falsely filing an identity theft claim for the purposes of improving one's credit report and credit score the perpetrators are claiming identity theft and filing police reports causing disputed accounts to be removed from their credit reports either permanently due to lack of investigation or conclusion or temporarily while under dispute while the accounts are removed credit history improves and credit scores increased dramatically the perpetrator then obtains credit from one or more credit grantors during the time when the credit score is inflated the loans obtained through the use of the improved credit history and credit score subsequently go and paid identity theft definition is knowingly or not when a consumer applies for credit using someone else's information that has been stolen another variation is to report accurate unpaid debt as fraud in order to avoid paying it to do this the consumer will have to fill out a police report and lie this too is illegal